The finest local produce coupled with authentic ingredients, used to create true Italian dishes. This is Italian food with an elegant twist.

Traditional, authentic and modern Italian dishes

Rustica is the perfect spot to experience the best elements of great British pubs and classic Italian food combined. From fresh mussels in a tomato and garlic sauce, to lamb ragu, we have something suited for everyone. Not to mention, our list of 100% Italian wines is the perfect partner to complement our authentic Italian dishes for lunch and dinner.

If you’re looking to kick back and relax, why not stay with us in one of our cosy, chic rooms at either our Sunderland or Stanley hotel venues.


Our Sunderland restaurant situated on Washington Road is a cosy, Italian tavern that infuses the contemporary British style pub and traditional Italian cuisine. Just a stone’s throw from Sunderland City Centre, tucked away in an ideal location in the heart of the bustling North East city, is where you’ll find rich, authentic Italian food.

Our venue is rich in history too — a former WWI RAF office, Rustica Sunderland seats 82 people for a hearty, wholesome meal.

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Our Italian restaurant in Stanley upholds our running theme of eating home cooked Italian cuisine in a cosy tavern that is perfect for the family. With a contemporary British design and classic Italian dishes including à la carte and signature meals, our affordable experience doesn’t compromise on fantastic quality.


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